We help real estate agents host more successful and profitable open house events through massive sign placement, neighborhood and online marketing, teaching best practices and more! We know from experience that when an open house is done correctly it not only increases the odds of the home being sold, it also is a great way for agents to meet potential buyers and sellers. If you are looking to be ordinary we might not be the company for you. If you’re in favor of going big to get big results, welcome aboard!


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Mega Open House Setup

Open House Sign Placement: Packages starting at $75.

Facebook Marketing Boost: +$50 (Includes $20 Ad Spend)

Q: How do I know where the directional signs will be placed?
A: We will email a copy of our sign placement map that our installers will use in the field. You will have an opportunity to request revisions.
Q: How does your process work?
A: Once you place your order on our site and we will send a confirmation email to let you know whether or not we will be able to fulfill your order. If we are there will be further instructions, a map with sign placement and the invoice will be sent to you shortly after.
Q: How does sponsorship work?
A: We work with any and all industry affiliates and bill in accordance to your request. If you are working with sponsors on your event it is your responsibility to have their marketing materials at your event and/or any other stipulations they may have. We do not get involved with any agreements between an agent and sponsor, just help awesome vendors connect with awesome agents!
Q: How many signs should I order?
A: We always recommend going big but there are times where less is okay. We have no way of predicting or guaranteeing traffic to an event but for best results try to cover at least one major intersection and use lots of signs turning traffic into the neighborhood, that is the most important area to focus on. Some agents want to spread signs over a large area of several miles, this has been proven to be very ineffective and we do not do placement in that way.
Q: What is the order cut off?
A: Our goal is to always say “YES” to requests and will do so whenever possible. That being said our process is time consuming and we can not guarantee availability. For orders placed less than 48 hours prior to the event we do charge a $30 rush fee so try to get your requests in as quickly as possible!
Q: Can you use my signs?
A: As long as they are the right type of sign we can use and even store your signs at no cost. We only use 18×24 coroplast signs with wire h-stakes. We do not store or set out any a-frame signs at this time. Our goal is to allow you to never touch your signs again if you don’t want to!
“I wanted to give you feedback from the Open House today. I had about 25 groups of people come through…very happy about that. I had a mortgage broker come through and told me that the signs “were a genius move”. I had a real estate broker come through…and he said he loved the signs! I passed on your info.

Thank you so much! It was totally worth the money for the signage!!!!!!”

Susan Lindsey
Phoenix, AZ
“Open house helpers was great! The second time we use them one of the leads panned out to be a home purchase just a little while later. Definitely worth the investment and to top it all off I didn’t have to pick up my signs after open house. Thanks guys!”

Michelle Minik & Charles Barrett
West USA Realty
“I have used Open House Helpers services to set up signs and market our open houses many times now. As an analytical thinker to love to see our avg. open house attendance go up by 75% when using this service. Their team has always been on time and in the Arizona summers there is really nothing like pulling up to your open house and having it all set up for you. I have been a broker for 10 years now and I highly recommend taking your open houses to the next level by using Open House helpers.”

Tom Jovanovski
Solutions Real Estate
“Open house helpers is a great service and I definitely recommend them. My partner and I had alot of traffic with our first open house using Open House Helpers and the people said they couldn’t help but see the signs..plus we got 3 good leads from it! We will definitely being using you for our next Open House!”

Nicole and Sonda
Sold Buy Divas Home Selling Team
“I have generated many buyer and seller leads due to the amount of traffic brought in by Open House Helpers directional signs and I’ve only done two open houses so far! Agents have asked for your contact information which I have happily shared and they were impressed with the ease in which they found the open house property. You are worth every penny spent for your services. Thank you!”

Patty Knutson
Solutions Real Estate | Phoenix, AZ
“I have had the opportunity to use Open House Helpers on a number of occasions. Each time I used their services, 30-40 people came by my open house. The professionalism of staff and attention to detail was above and beyond. The peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to put out signs will make me continue to use them moving forward.”

Chris Broglia
Re/Max Excalibur
“We really enjoy working with OHH! Service has been prompt, always good exposure for our open houses, and the customer service is excellent! They’ve always done their best to work with us and have accommodated us in a pinch when needed. We can easily say that traffic has been maximized when we use Open House Helpers!”

Daniela M. Virani
Keller Williams Realty | Phoenix,AZ
“My business has increased tremendously due to the Open House Helpers. The traffic increased by 100% at my open houses and all of leads were from the signs. Open House Helpers was responsive to my needs and professional with the flyers and feedback sheets. My clients have been very satisfied with me as their Realtor because of Open House Helpers. If you have not tried Open House Helpers, you should. Try them at least once and watch your business increase!”

Mara Benson
Bliss Lieberman
“I love Open House Helpers and the whole idea behind this company and mega open houses. Before using Open House helpers I was not convinced that open houses were a great way to market a property. I had never sold a home at a Open house and thought they were a huge waste of time. I was really only holding them to make the sellers happy. I decided to give this company and system a chance. My first Mega we had over 50 people, and sold the house that day. My second open we had 106 people and 5 offers the the end of the day. These were a few of the bests. You do ned to make sure your doing it on listings in good locations that get a lot of traffic. Haven’t had a lot of luck in Rural areas with limited street traffic or in construction areas. Thankful to have this great resource to use to market my properties.”

Leila Woodard
Vintage Real Estate
“Open House Helpers have obvious benefits like saving time and doing the dirty work for you, and some you might not immediately think of. I love not having to own, maintain and lug around signs! I love saving wear and tear on my car and keeping myself safe from questionable traffic situations trying to put signs up and take them down. I consistently get 2-3 times the traffic of using brokerage signs. My favorite perk is that I am not hot, sweaty and annoyed when I get to my open house and I am so much better able to be pleasant, positive and focused on selling knowing that sign duty is out of my hair! Don’t forget how impressive the signage and traffic is to other potential sellers in the neighborhood! Open House Helpers are indispensable!”

Juli Deddo
Realty One Group
“Open House Helpers has been a pleasure to work with. They consistently listen to my individual needs with each house and help me obtain maximum exposure for each open house I do. My open house traffic went from an average of 7 visitors to an average of 25 visitors per event. I am grateful to have Open House Helpers as part of my team for all my open houses now.”

Chad Grabham
Graham & Associates
“I have used Open House Helpers a number of times for my listings. The sign setters find the best routes to place the signs which brings in the most traffic. The signs themselves are bright, large and easy to read. In most subdivisions the homes are situated so deep into the community that there would be no way for me to set up enough signs to direct my prospective buyers to the property. Also in 100+ degree heat it is difficult for me to run around in a dress and high heels hammering in signs. No problem with Open House Helpers! The traffic is driven directly to my listings and I don’t have to go to the Open House dusty and dirty. The staff in the office and on the road are all friendly, helpful and efficient. I won’t do another Open House without their help!”

Laurel Luzzi
Inhabit Realty
“For years we have sat open houses where you may get a few nosy neighbors, and sometimes no one at all. Since using Open House Helpers we have seen massive increases in open house traffic driven to our location. As a team we strive to make our sellers happy and form a presence in our farm community. Open House Helpers has given us the confidence to do an open house without ending up feeling awful after struggling to set up all our own open house signs in an attempt to drive our own traffic, sweaty and tired. We now have peace of mind that we can show up at an open house effortless and ready to go to greet the people with a smile on our face.”

Dani miller and Christine McKinney
Solutions Real Estate
“Open House Helpers is always an amazing help during our open houses. They listened to what we wanted and organized an amazing sign installation. They are on time and provide quick friendly service. Their marketing is wonderful and the little crate of necessary goodies that come with this service always comes in handy. We have many more people at our open house with Open House Helpers.”

Carol Verdicchio
Solutions Real Estate
“I am a new agent that spends a lot of time doing open houses to gain new clients. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to “Open House Helpers” by my mentor. It was amazing to pull into the subdivision and see all those bright yellow signs pointing to my open house! The team at “Open House Helpers” hit the target by leaving a box full of surveys, pens and acrylic stands to showcase the house flyers. The best part was the difference using them made in the amount of traffic we saw at our open house! When I closed up the house for the day a staff member was there to ask how the traffic was and pick up the box of goodies they had left for me. I will definitely be using them again and refer their services to others. Thanks “Open House Helpers” for making it so easy and allowing me to focus on the clients!”

Susan Smeriglio
Solutions Real Estate
“Besides the convenience of not having to do the signs myself and showing up at the house sweaty and looking disheveled, whenever I use Open House Helpers, I can always expect 20+ people to my Open Houses. I recommend Open House Helpers to anyone who wants a successful Open House!”

Nancy Perry
Solutions Real Estate

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